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Cultural Traditions

New and existing Harvard Neighbors members are welcome to join the Cultural Traditions Group. Our goals are for participants to explore and learn about new cultures while sharing their own country's unique traditions. There will be discussions, demonstrations, and some outings throughout the academic year. 

The group will not meet regularly but will send announcements when an event is upcoming. Do refer often to the calendar on Harvard Neighbor’s website: for exact times, dates, and locations. Reservations are not needed unless specified.  Please be sure to also signup for Cultural Traditions when you register for Harvard Neighbor's membership so that you will receive further information about each meeting.

We are currently searching for a new leader for this group. If you have any ideas for Cultural events or demonstrations or would like to share a part of your culture with Harvard Neighbors please contact


Currently the only scheduled event for this year is the Thanksgiving Dinner Celebration Demonstration.


Current Calendar of events:

Thanksgiving Demo and Celebration, November 2 at 10am

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