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Japanese Conversation


 In the 2016/2017 academic year, the Japanese Culture Group will be hosting Japanese Conversation classes once per month. Please check the calendar for exact dates. It will be usually on the second Friday of every month at10:30am-12:00pm at the meeting room of HN. When a date will be changed, I can email you or inform you beforehand direct at class, and also  changed on the calendar of HN calendar

 We welcome every Harvard Neighbor member of native origin or non native-Japanese speaker with some proficiency to enjoy conversation and to understand and recognize the differences of every culture, along relaxing with tea and sweets! 

 The Japanese Culture Group is happy to welcome on board the new co-leader for Japanese Conversation.  His name is Gabriel Ellsworth. Gabriel is a young American researcher at the Business school. He does not only speaks Japanese perfectly but also does our communication by e-mail , all in Japanese. We are lucky to learn about American history and system and exchange questions about cultural diferences between the USA and Japan. Newcomers are always welcome

For more information, please contact the group co-leader Yayoi Witzel



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