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Interest Groups

Organized and led by volunteer members, these groups meet around a specific topic or interest on a regular basis (weekly or monthly) during the academic year. Group size may range from 5 to 30 participants.

For the 2020-2021 academic year, many interest groups are meeting remotely using Zoom, please check each interest group's page and the Harvard Neighbors calendar for the most updated information.

If you are interested in starting a new interest group, please e-mail us at

After Hours

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After Hours is an interest group in which members can engage in informal conversations, games, and other fun activities. We meet weekly on Tuesday evenings, from 5:30 to 6:30pm.

Art Explorations

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For 2020-2021, we are looking into online ways to teach. But we do not have anything to offer online yet. We always encourage participants to express their creative ideas by exploring different forms of art, and by using a variety of art materials.

Belgium Culture Society Group

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The Belgian Culture Society is an interest group celebrating and sharing Belgian culture and experiences. If you’re interested in learning about and experiencing Belgian culture from waffle-bakes, drinks at trendy bars, and inspired lectures by Harvard-affiliates on current topics, join us! It is important to us to provide a beacon of Belgian culture within the great Harvard community and help connect fellow Belgian(-minded) Harvard affiliates.

Community Service and Outreach

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The Community Service and Outreach group is active in improving the Cambridge community, catering to the at-risk and in-need populations of the area. The focus of this group is to provide volunteers and support for local non-profits, programs, and organizations that seek to better the greater Harvard community. We will also create our own projects and programs to improve the Cambridge community.

Cultural Traditions

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We welcome everyone from all over the world. Our goals are for participants to form lasting friendships and to enjoy the rich bounty of our unique cultures.
***No Meetings are planned for 2020-2021 due to the pandemic***

English Conversation Practice

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Whether you are a beginning, intermediate or advanced speaker, we offer multiple groups where you can practice the English language in an informal conversational setting.
We talk about various topics for discussion that the Group Leader suggests to the participants.
The participants have ample opportunity to expand the conversation on their own, and asking each other questions.
We share cultural experiences from different countries.
We share happenings that we’ve discovered locally, such as museums, walks, Harvard offerings, etc.
For additional practice the group leader briefly includes English usage and pronunciation when applicable.
Sometimes we also play a game.
Groups are attended by 3 to 12 participants on average meeting.

Filipino Culture interest Group

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The goal of our group is to create space for Harvard Neighbors' members who are of Filipino descent, has a Filipino connection or are interested in learning more about the Philippines through events that promote such goals. We meet monthly and plan to have social events, such as a Filipino night where we can serve Filipino food, introduce important information on the Filipino culture and do karaoke.

French Book Club

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We discuss classic and contemporary works of fiction in French. Our friendly and stimulating meetings are enhanced by French inspired refreshments.
Members enjoy the discussions and the presentation of the books as well as the incentives to maintain and improve their French fluency.

French Conversation

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We welcome Franco-phones and intermediate, advanced and native French speakers. Our goal is to speak French for one hour about a subject in whatever activities we are engaged in.
We watch movies and documentaries, visit museums and discuss interesting topics as a speaking practice.

German Conversation

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The German Conversation Interest Group welcomes intermediate, advanced, and native speakers of German. We choose topics, readings, and visual media to stimulate discussion of German culture, history, and current affairs. Our hope is to provide a setting where all members can participate fully, whatever their level of proficiency.

During the spring semester of 2022, we will meet remotely, via Zoom, on the following Mondays from noon to 1:00 pm: 

Greek Language and Culture Interest Group

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If you are interested in practicing Greek Language skills and want to learn more about Greek Culture, history and cuisine come join us!

Our group meets every 3rd Thursday of the month. 

Harvard Neighbors Board

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The Harvard Neighbors Board is consisted of elected members of the organization. Elections are held once a year at the Annual Meeting.

Infant & Toddler Playgroup - leader needed

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Infant & Toddler Playgroup invites parents with infants and toddlers (0-3 years) meet to share friendship, experiences and activities.

Italian Conversation

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We welcome speakers of Italian with some proficiency, as well as native speakers to enjoy sociability and conversation.

Japanese Conversation

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The Japanese Culture Group holds Japanese Conversation classes once a month.
We welcome every Harvard Neighbor member of native origin or non native-Japanese speaker with some proficiency to enjoy a conversation and to understand and recognize the differences of every culture, along relaxing with tea and sweets!

Knitting for Everyone - Leader Needed

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Join us every other week to meet members and get new ideas for crafts, projects, and techniques. We are all at different levels of mastering and want to help each other advance. Leaders of this group are knitters, but we welcome crocheters, embroiderers, menders, etc. So bring your needles, yarn, threads, or embroidery floss. We'll meet at the Cambridge Campus.

Living Green - leader needed

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Living Green - DIY “green” products for you and your home.
You will learn how to make natural beauty products and household cleaners. We will share ideas, recipes and you will go home with samples to try for yourself.
This group will discuss the ideas and prepare the samples of Green household cleaners, and natural beauty products such as laundry detergent, furniture polish, Marseille Soap, deodorant, toothpaste, lip balm, bath-fizzies etc.
The group is looking for a new group leader after the creator of the group, Irina Brandina moved back to Europe ! If you are interested to lead the Green Living Group or have ideas for a workshops please email us:

Lunchtime Book Group

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Lunchtime Book group reads fiction and non-fiction, recent publications and classics, many available in paperback.
The group chooses the books in late May for the following year. On average thirteen to fifteen members attend the group meetings.

MIT Women’s Chorale

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MIT Women's Chorale encourages you to explore your musical side! The Chorale's repertoire covers a wide range of musical styles, both secular and sacred. Our website is:

Out and About

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Out and About takes you on fun, informative outings in and around Harvard, Cambridge and the Boston area. Occasionally, we will take you to a Harvard Treasure or on an insider tour generally not available to the public.

Spanish and Latin American Culture and Cinema - leader needed

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The Spanish and Latin American Culture and Cinema members enjoy a monthly viewing of Spanish and Latin American films followed by a discussion/conversation in Spanish.

Spanish/English Conversation

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Hola! Are you a Spanish speaker learning English – or an English Speaker learning Spanish? If so, this is the group for you!

Join us for informal lunchtime conversation every Friday from 12-1 via Zoom. Half of the session will be held in Spanish & half in English. Share introductions, weekend activities, favorite foods, culture questions and beyond - each session will cover something different! All levels are welcome! 

Telling Lives: Memoir Writing - leader neeeded

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What's past is prologue! Join our long-running supportive memoir writing group to help you set down in print some of your life's chapters.

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